Kingston Digital USB 2.0 Datatraveler Flash Drive 101 Gen 2

Kingston Digital USB 2.0 Gen 2

Kingston Digital USB 2.0 Datatraveler Flash Drive 101 Gen 2

by Kingston

  • Personal Computers
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    Fine design, but with two shortcommings., June 20, 2014
    It does not have a light indicator, and the top side is not clearly distinguishable; otherwise very good product. Kingston should also develop about three different colors within a given drive size; like an additional blue and white 64 gigs. This will help users of multiple 64 gigs, to use color to decide what files are to be saved in each flash

    High quality., July 2, 2014
    Sinohey "scribe" (USA)
    Good quality, sturdy and with a protective aluminium swivel hood, which makes it practical and functional with an elegant design.
    Produced in white, blue and green colors, which helps with sorting out/identification of location of copied material.
    I use the green color for videos, blue for photos and the white one for text files. Copy quality is excellent with no evidence of degradation of contrast or color. Download/upload of contents is flawless. Works as well on PC and Mac devices without need for formatting.

    Works Great, May 17, 2014
    William S. Dobbins
    This thing holds a lot and easily does all the usual things for which one would expect it to be used. Price might be a bit high.

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