Kingston Digital USB 2.0 Datatraveler Flash Drive 101 Gen 2

Kingston Digital USB 2.0 Gen 2

Kingston Digital USB 2.0 Datatraveler Flash Drive 101 Gen 2

by Kingston

  • Personal Computers
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    Much faster than rated - at least for larger files, January 29, 2011
    NLee the Engineer (Nashua, NH)
    [Note on Nov 1, 2012]
    combined all Kingston DataTraveler DT101 Gen2 USB drives (4GB to 32GB) under the same product page. This may have created confusions for people looking for a specific capacity. I have tested both the 8GB and 32GB versions from this Kingston series, and can confirm that they have exactly the same dimensions and nearly identical data transfer speed.
    Original review (which refers to the 32GB version) follows:

    This Kingston DataTraveler DT101 Gen2 32GB USB flash drive has a very nice compact design. It is about the same size as the SanDisk Cruzer Micro (with the USB port retracted). See the size comparison picture I.

    Format to NTFS to transfer big files!!!, January 6, 2011
    EXCELLENT product but you HAVE to format the device in order to transfer big files... just as Kingston Tech Support (and other kind buyers) explained:

    "In order to copy large files more then 4GB it has to be converted into NTFS. FAT32 has a limitation of only 4GB. To format to NTFS, please follow these instructions. Warning: If you have data on the drive, you should save it elsewhere as this process will erase it all.

    1. Go into My Computer and, right click on the drive and select format.
    2. Under File System select NTFS and click on Start. If you do not have an option for NTFS, close the format box and go into Device Manager by right clicking on My Computer and selecting Properties.
    3. Click on the Hardware tab and click on Device Manager button.
    4. Expand Disk Drives and right click on the Kingston drive and select Properties.
    5. Click on the Policies tab and click "Optimize for performance and OK.
    6. Then go back into My Computer,.

    Good drive with a bad cover design, March 8, 2011
    Teahouse Fox "...and this is my favorite stor... (MD, United States)
    I have a collection of USB thumb drives and use them for a wide range of activities. I transport files, use them as a portable work environment, install portable apps, encrypt them with passwords, transport files from one network to another, use them to boot, ReadyBoost, and run an entire OS - things most consumers will never likely care about.

    Because I use them so often, it's hard to get excited over a new USB drive unless it has something new or innovative about the design. I'm not excited about this drive. I had an immediate positive reaction to a USB drive with a similar design concept: a small footprint drive with a swinging metal shield. But where the PNY Micro Swivel Attache perfected the swivel design in a tiny 4GB drive, and the.

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