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Good drive for the money, December 4, 2011
Derek Kingston (Provo, UT United States)
When purchasing flash drives I try to read the reviews and understand what I'm getting into. Unfortunately, this one had no reviews, but was such a good deal, I decided to purchase it anyway. I have read about fake usb flash devices being sold (mainly on ebay but also on amazon), so I was a bit wary. Happily, this device is as advertised: I ran a full f3 test (this is the linux equivalent to h2testw) to determine the true capacity - it really is 64 GB and operates at USB 2.0 speeds (ubuntu disk utility benchmark reports average read rate of 35.8 MB/s and write rate of 3.0 MB/s).

- good price (approx $1 per GB)
- full 64 GB of storage in very small package
- trusted SanDisk name
- validates as true 64GB USB 2.0 device
- small metal rod on back for connecting to key chain
- BoBoTech shipped quickly

- USB 2 is a bit slow (but USB3 devices are WAY more expensive)
- plastic shell seems a bit flimsy (this hasn't been.

SanDisk Cruzer 64GB VS Transcend 64 GB, June 15, 2012
Douglas Doon "DD"
I am a SanDisk fan. I have always used there products and have been happy with the speed and reliability that they offered. Recently I upgraded from the SanDisk Cruzer 16GB to the 32GB. Right away I noticed it was taking longer to move files. Also from time to time it would just stop during transfer. I left it on all night thinking it would finish and it never did. I Decommissioned that one and bought another a few months later locally this time. I figured I must have gotten a hold of a bad one. The new 32GB Cruzer did the same thing. I just worked around the issues and continued using it. I figured the 32gb model must be flawed in some way. Still being a fan of SanDisk Cruzers I just recently upgraded to the 64GB model. So far it hasn't stopped during transfer but it still seemed to be taking to long. I decided to try a little test. I Purchased a Transcend 64GB thumb drive. I made a folder on my desktop and put 70 files of varying sizes equaling 4.03GB. I copied the folder to my.

It is what you expect-though be aware of the speed., May 24, 2012
Clever Name Goes Here (Seattle, WA USA)
This is memory from Sandisk, so it is quality as usual. However, there is one thing that you should keep in mind- these high capacity USB flash drives are very, very slow to write to. I would not use this as a day to day drive, since although it holds a ton, it takes ages to move content onto it. I use these as archival drives for video content, and the read speed to plenty fast enough to playback video without stutters, which was my priority and main consideration.
If you get this expecting it to be as fast as smaller drives, you will be disappointed, so be aware before buying. That said, it works perfectly, and most content can be streamed from it just fine.

If you want a fast, high capacity portable device, I would recommend a usb powered portable hard drive, as even a USB 2.0 HD is much faster to write to than these.

Formatted size is 59.6 GB

Note: If you are using Windows 7, and reformat a drive using the built in format utility, you will.

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